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(319) 981-8184

Making the Appointment:

We are an appointment only parlor. 

You're welcome to call to inquire if we do walk-in's, but there is no guarantee as we schedule out several months.
Artists require a deposit to hold your appointment spot and cover drawing time.
These are non-refundable as it is the minimum charge to cover basics in the case of a cancellation/no show.
If it is necessary to reschedule, the deposit will be moved with the appointment as long as it is rescheduled 72 hours prior to the original appointment.
-$20 for a 1-2 hour appointment
-$75 for a 2-3 hour appointment
-$100 for all other appointments
Cash deposits are preferred, but Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal are accepted with an additional 3% fee.

Shop minimum - $100
(this is meant for small, simplistic tattoos done in black ink)
Artist rates vary per artist from $150/hr to $200/hr.
The rate of your artist is subject to change. If change does occur, your artist will inform you and make adjustments based upon your budget if necessary. Please let your artist know PRIOR to the appointment if any financial changes need to be made.

Cancellations/No Shows:
We require AT LEAST a 72 hour notice of rescheduling or cancellation. Please contact your artist with any changes that might occur!
Your deposit will be forfeited without your artist being notified prior to the 72-hour window.

Give your artist a reliable phone number to be inputted into our reminder system. You will receive a message 3-4 days prior to the appointment. Please respond Yes (to confirm) or No (to reschedule). If you need to reschedule, it is the client's responsibility to contact their artist to do so. Please note that our artists are very busy and may not be able to get you in quickly.

Payment Options:
Cash is always preferred, so please ask your artist ahead of time if you have a question about your estimate.
Mystic Tat2 has an ATM with a $3.50 service fee and a maximum withdrawal of $200.
(You are able to make multiple withdrawals, but the fee can add up!)
We also have a Square card reader that accepts all major debit and credit cards. This reader has a 3.5% fee of the amount that is added to the total amount.