Tattoo Artist

With a diverse range in artwork, Elly is up for many different styles of tattooing from color to black, grey, and watercolor, with floral designs being her favorite. Elly specializes in a unique and gorgeous watercolor technique! She is passionate about her artwork and will put in the time and effort to ensure you get a unique and cohesive design. Her digital and hand drawn art is what she thrives on. Elly is a full-time artist at Mystic Tat2. If you’re looking for something delicate and feminine, she is your girl! Follow her on Instagram for more of her body art.

Born in California, then growing up in Wisconsin and Canada, Elly currently lives in Iowa! Elly always pursued art and is excited to be working as a tattoo artist.

She is open to ideas and new clients.

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Elly Bordwell

Tattoo Artist

Tattoos by Elly