Tattoo Artist

Favoring large black and grey tattoos, David is the man who can work with any specialty from traditional to realism and portraits, and exceed all your expectations. He’s been showing his unique art in the tattoo industry for over 15 years and is the owner of Mystic Tat2. By using his own drawing expertise and perfectionist nature, David makes sure your particular tattoo will fit your body and style to provide a one-of-a kind piece of art. His attention to detail and strong line work are the basic building blocks that makes Mystic Tat2 so special. Growing up in Iowa, David absorbed and educated himself in many forms for art before delving into the tattoo world. As soon as you step into the shop you can see his incredible works of art along the walls and meet his laid back, calm nature. Here full time at Mystic Tat2, David is excited to bring his best savvy skill to every tattoo.

David Smith

Mystic Tat2 Owner and Tattoo Artist

Tattoos by David