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Which artist is right for me?
Deciding on the right artist is an integral part of getting a tattoo! Research your artist by looking through portfolios (virtual or in person) to determine if their work suits the style of tattoo you’d like. It is important to understand that not all artists work with all styles. When choosing an artist, keep in mind that they might specialize or prefer a certain style. If you are looking for a black and gray realistic piece, don’t go to someone whose work only reflects delicate linework or fully saturated color. Ask the artist if they are comfortable with the piece you’re looking to get. It’s best not to rush the process of choosing an artist, as tattoos are permanent!
Next, stop into the shop for an in person consultation and check out the vibe. At Mystic Tat2, we want our clients to be comfortable and try to create a friendly and open atmosphere.

How do I get a tattoo design?
Our artists are happy to make you a custom tattoo design! We do require a deposit and a set appointment prior to any drawing or designing to ensure you are confident in the artist you’ve chosen and the time commitment it takes to create a design.
Please give the artist as many references, images, or information that details what you’re looking for. Making a design does not always mean it will look exactly like what it does in the digital copy. Tattoos are not easy to reflect as digital drawings and will sometimes appear as drafts until final changes are made. Most of the time, artists are flooded last minute with design changes or alterations, so PLEASE do your research prior to the appointment and give your artist the information in advance. We understand the need to make small changes but prefer to have awareness beforehand.
Most artists don’t give out designs until the day of the appointment (unless asked otherwise) due to the amount of people who will take the design elsewhere in the hope of getting in sooner or cheaper. If you are wanting the artist to show you designs prior, please speak with said artist about your preferences.
DO NOT crowd your tattoo design! It is important to keep in mind that the design needs to have longevity, and by adding too many things to your design (especially if it’s a small piece) you are risking the legibility and composition of the tattoo.
Please triple check any names, dates, or specifics about your design prior to starting the tattoo. Your artist will check with you, but ultimately it is up to the client to catch any misspellings!

How do I make an appointment?
Reaching out to your chosen artist by email, Instagram message, Facebook message, calling our shop line, or stopping in are all acceptable ways of making an appointment! Each artist has their own business page they can be contacted at. Please note that we are flooded with messages constantly and sometimes it can take time to respond to everyone. We apologize if we forget to respond, so please respectfully reach out if we miss you!
Please use full sentences and be as descriptive as possible, as we are not mind readers!
From there, you can send over design ideas and ask for price estimates as well as setting up a date that works for you and the artist. Keep in mind that you might need to take off work to get a tattoo, and it is recommended that you do not plan anything else for the day of your tattoo! Going to work before or afterward, even running errands can make for a long day. Let your body rest and recover after getting a tattoo to help with the healing process.
A deposit is asked for at the time of making the appointment. Ensure you have that ready to go as well as a reliable phone number for our reminder system.

How do deposits work?
Please see our Scheduling and Deposits page for additional information regarding deposits.
Deposits vary based on artist and time needed for the appointment. A smaller appointment might ask for a lesser deposit than a larger appointment.
The money you put down for your deposit will come off the total price of the tattoo. Deposits are non-refundable in the case of a reschedule or cancellation that occurs within the 72-hour window of the appointment.

What is the rescheduling policy?
Please give your artist a reliable phone number to put into our reminder system. This will send out a message 3-4 days prior to the appointment. Please reply Yes (to confirm) or No (to reschedule or cancel) when you receive that message. This message is sent in time for you to contact your artist if you are unable to make it to your appointment! We understand if life gets in the way, but PLEASE let us know. Keep in mind your artist relies upon your appointment as their income. Let your artist know if you have a budget or design change well in advance to your appointment! If you have a full day scheduled but decide at the last minute to only do a small piece, the artist is left with a massive chunk of their day open.

What should I do before my appointment?
Get some good sleep to be prepared for a tattoo!
Eat good meals and stay hydrated prior to the appointment and eat on the day before coming in. It is very important to keep your system awake and alert, so avoid anything that will inhibit that. Do not take any drugs and notify your artist if you take any medications that might thin or thicken your blood as well as any allergies you might have.
Prepare by wearing comfortable clothing (don’t try to be fancy!) that does not get in the way of the area being tattooed. Feel free to bring spare clothing if you need! Ask your artist if you are unsure what to wear during your tattoo. We do our best to protect modesty and will NEVER ask you to do something you’re uncomfortable with.
Try to avoid caffeine or ibuprofen before your appointment and do not drink alcohol the day prior and day of. If you want to shave or trim the area getting tattooed, feel free but we prefer to do that during your appointment to ensure no razor bumps/burns or cuts happen! Keep the area clean and clear of anything that could hurt the area being tattooed and make sure to practice good hygiene!
Make a trip to the bank to avoid any fees that are associated with our ATM or card reader.

Prepare a bag to come with you with any entertainment you might want. We keep TVs with a plethora of channels and streaming services such as: Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Prime, and Vudu. Otherwise notify your artist if you’d like to chat or be silent. Wearing headphones to listen to your own entertainment or reading a book is acceptable!
Ask your artist about any aftercare products needed for after your appointment prior so you don’t have to find them afterward. (See What kind of aftercare products should I use for more info!)
Ensure you wear clean clothes, sheets/pillowcases, and practice good hygiene before and after your tattoo. Treat it as an open wound that should not be in contact with anything that can cause it harm. This includes animals and small children who might scratch it

What if I’m not feeling well?
We completely respect that life happens and illnesses are prevalent. Please let your artist know if you wake up and do not feel well. We will do our best to reschedule you as soon as possible, but your deposit might be forfeit. It will be up to the artist if you need to pay a new deposit for rescheduling.
We do our best to maintain a clean and healthy environment, so please be safe and do not come in if you are not feeling well or have concerns regarding your health! This includes any surgeries or procedures prior to the appointment. Please consult your doctor and your artist if there are any concerns or questions.

What will my tattoo cost?
Each tattoo is based off of:
-Size (measured primarily by inches)
-Time (hourly rates of $150/hr to $200/hr)
-Color/Black and gray

Please consult with your artist if you are interested in finding a price estimate. Please keep in mind this is an estimate and can change to be higher or lower depending on the time spent or needed as well as changes to the hourly rates. Sometimes it can be difficult for the artist to fully know until the process has begun. If the rate does change, your artist will reach out to inform you and are willing to work with your budget within reason.

Should I tip my artist?
Tips are encouraged and welcomed but are not necessary! Amounts are entirely dependent on the experience and personal preference. We hope that a tip will reflect what you believe the artist deserves for the work they do, and understand that tattoos can get pricey, so try to plan ahead and ask your artist with any questions!
With every tip, your artist will provide a dollar for you to sign which gets put up on our ceiling!

Do tattoos hurt?
Tattoos are not comfortable and pain levels vary per person. Depending on the placement/style of tattoo will determine the pain level you might encounter. We like to say that the pain level should not determine if or where you get a tattoo but understand if you want to place it in a location that isn’t super painful – particularly if it is a first!
Do research and ask questions if this is a topic that concerns you, we are here to help.
If you are interested in a larger piece, but know you might not sit well, discuss splitting up your tattoo into multiple sessions to ensure you are comfortable with the process.

Which spots are less painful spots for tattoos?
Typically, we see less painful spots being on the outer upper arm, forearm, or thigh. Think about the sensitive areas of your skin as being ones that do not get a lot of sun or exposure. The more exposed, typically, the less painful! More boney areas can be more painful areas.

Can I bring someone to my appointment?
Yes! We ask that you limit your group to 1-2 people as it can be a crowded experience and limits the amount of people who might be in contact with illness. Keep in mind that during long appointments it can be boring for your friend to sit with you for an extended period of time.

What can I bring to my appointment?
Feel free to bring a bag of goodies!
This can include: a blanket or pillow (clean!), snacks or beverages (these can be kept in our lobby or lounge area as food/drink is not permitted in the tattoo area), entertainment in the form of phone, music, book, etc., extra clothing, form of payment and Government issued identification (Birth Certificate, Driver's license, Passport).

What’s the healing process like?
Please see our Aftercare Page for further information and a copy of our aftercare sheet.
Everyone heals differently and depending on the style of tattoo you get can determine the healing process. Typically healing can take 3-5 weeks and 2-3 months to fully settle in the skin. Settling can mean that the tattoo feels like normal skin. Keep in mind that your tattoo is scar tissue and can raise or react to changes of weather or different environments.
The healing process is much like a sunburn! Expect the few days after your appointment for the tattoo to be red/swollen, or to have a burning sensation. It is normal to have slight bruising or irritation around the tattoo, but if it is abnormally inflamed or swollen, please contact your artist and see a doctor!
DO NOT submerge or soak in any kind of water. Showering is acceptable, but do not use hot water as it will burn and cause further irritation. DO NOT swim or take baths.
The tattoo will go through a peeling phase where the ink can scab or flake off. DO NOT pick or touch your tattoo! It is important for it to heal as naturally as possible.
We ask that you apply a THIN layer of an unscented lotion (non-petroleum based) to your tattoo no more than twice a day. DO NOT over medicate, over wash or constrict your tattoo! It is important to let it breathe and not be covered which would produce bacterial growth.
Use an antibacterial unscented soap to clean your tattoo and avoid any fragrances that might irritate it.
Your tattoo will itch about a week into the healing process. DO NOT scratch or rub your tattoo, light tapping is helpful! If there are any spots that need touched up once it is fully healed, get a hold of your artist to schedule a time to touch it up. We offer ONE FREE TOUCH UP within the first two years.
Don’t spot moisturizing your tattoo! It is important to keep your skin healthy and hydrated to keep it looking fresh.
Please contact your artist and/or doctor if you have any questions regarding your healing process!

What kind of aftercare products should I use?
Every skin type is different, so make sure you know what works for your skin! There are a lot of brand name types of aftercare products out there currently, so do your research and ask your artist if there is something specific in mind.
We encourage a natural healing process that avoids thick or petroleum-based ointments. Instead, we suggest lotions like Jergens Ultra Healing (unscented), CeraVe, or Cetaphil.

What kind of Inks are used?
Our goal is to be as friendly to the environment and helpful to the skin as possible by using Vegan Inks! Our main brands are: World Famous Tattoo Ink and Fusion Tattoo Ink for our colors, gray washes, and colors. We also use Eternal Tattoo Ink for our blacks.
We are determined to use the top-of-the-line quality and as natural as possible inks that include minor ingredients to avoid allergies or complications. If you are concerned about the ink we use, feel free to ask your artist for an MSDS or SDS sheet with the information regarding your ink!

Is Saniderm or Derm Shield right for you?
Saniderm is a brand name ‘second skin’ that we carry at the shop! It is not for everyone, but if you are interested in using it, it is essential for you to purchase your own personal box through their website (linked below).


Saniderm is a self-adhesive medicated, clear wrap that stays on the skin for particular durations of the tattoo healing process. It works as a great way to protect your tattoo during the healing process but can have complications if you’ve never used it before! If you have any sensitivity to adhesive, please do not use this product. We offer alternative products to protect your tattoo if this product does not interest you! Speak with your artist regarding your preferences.

The following is directly from the Saniderm Website regarding application and usage:


Before applying Saniderm, be sure that the skin around the tattoo has also been shaved. Removing a bandage from hair may be unpleasant.

After finishing a tattoo session, make sure the tattoo is clean (no residue leftover from the tattooing session), and then dry the area. Do not clean a fresh tattoo with products containing isopropyl alcohol or glycerin. Isopropyl alcohol will certainly kill any bacteria in the area, but it will also kill all of your body’s own healing elements in the process. This will cause the wound to dry out under the bandage when it’s applied.

If using astringent on a new tattoo, we suggest using an alcohol-free, unscented variant of Witch Hazel. Additionally, glycerin can react with the adhesive of Saniderm, causing many issues from rashes to the adhesive binding too strongly.

Saniderm Application
Cut and trim Saniderm to fit around the tattoo – include an extra inch around all sides. TIP: Cutting the edges of the bandage to be round will help it adhere better and feel more comfortable. Peel the white paper wrapping from the sticky side first and place gently over the tattoo. Once the adhesive side of the bandage is in place, remove the see-through second layer from the top side and smooth the bandage over the tattoo. Keep the first applied bandage on for anywhere from 3 to 24 hours, depending on how much the wound is weeping. Replace within 24 hours. It’s fine if there is some plasma/blood/lymph fluid buildup under the bandage during this period, but don’t leave it longer than 24 hours.

Saniderm Removal and Reapplication of 2nd Bandage
To remove Saniderm, find an edge of the bandage and pull it back over itself in the direction of your natural hair growth. The shower is the ideal place to remove Saniderm. Running water will help loosen the adhesive and relax the skin, making the removal much more comfortable. Dry removal of Saniderm may cause discomfort and added trauma to the skin.

Discard the used bandage and wash the tattoo with a mild fragrance-free soap.
Allow the tattoo to air dry or pat dry with a clean towel.

If desired, apply a thin layer of aftercare product to your tattoo. If you have naturally oily skin or live in a high humidity climate, feel free to skip this step. Otherwise, use a thin layer of petroleum-free moisturizer to help the tattoo retain moisture and itch less. Sanibalm is the perfect remedy for dry skin! If you plan on applying another bandage, apply the product to the tattoo only and avoid getting it on the surrounding skin. Saniderm does not adhere well to wet/moist skin.
Apply a second bandage by following the application steps listed above.

Additional removal and reapplication information:
Keep this second bandage on for 3 to 6 days – the full six days being ideal. If the skin appears irritated, there is fluid buildup, or the bandage is coming off, it’s okay to remove the bandage sooner rather than later. Do not reapply any more bandages after the scabbing/flaking phase of tattoo healing has begun. If you find yourself bandage-less during this phase, make sure you’re keeping the area thoroughly moisturized. For a tattoo moisturizer, we strongly recommend Sanibalm. If there is adhesive residue leftover on the skin, or the adhesive is not loosening enough with water, coconut oil and baby oil are helpful for removal.

Removing the Tattoo Aftercare Bandage and Cleaning the Tattoo:
Before touching your new tattoo for any purpose, it’s important to make sure your hands are clean. Wash them thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. You’ll also want to be prepared with your soap (unscented, antibacterial) and clean towel, lotion or balm, and (if needed) new bandage nearby. Start by carefully removing the bandage as described above. Again, if the bandage sticks, you can use some lukewarm water to help remove the adhesive. Very gently, remove and discard the used bandage. Wash your hands again, and then use a circular motion to gently wash off any remaining ink, blood, and plasma with your hand, some warm water, and a small amount of fragrance-free, antibacterial soap. (You want to avoid building up too much lather, which can be difficult to remove.) Avoid scrubbing the new tattoo, which could damage your skin and slow healing. Again, gently rinse off the tattoo until the skin is clean. Rather than placing the tattoo under running water, use your clean hands to splash lukewarm water onto the tattoo until your skin is rinsed clean. Finally, allow the skin to dry for around 10 minutes (or until completely dry). Alternatively, you can gently pat dry with a clean towel. Now that the tattoo is clean and dry, apply a light layer of balm made specifically for tattoos, such as Sanibalm. Avoid over moisturizing the tattoo, which could make it more difficult for the tattoo to breathe.

Tattoo Aftercare Routine: Caring for Your New Tattoo After Removing Saniderm:
Once the final Saniderm bandage is removed from your tattoo, continue to care for it by gently washing it with unscented antibacterial soap and pat or air dry. After, apply a layer of aftercare moisturizer 2 – 3 times a day for 2 weeks or until the tattoo is no longer peeling, dry, or cracked.Keep in mind that the tattoo may appear to be fully healed on the surface once your second Saniderm bandage comes off. However, deeper layers of skin will still be repairing for 2 – 4 months. We recommend a good moisturizing regimen for this entire period. Our product Sanibalm was formulated specifically for this purpose.

Any other questions feel free to message us on our Facebook/Instagram or by calling or emailing: